About Me

My name is Sam Cao. I was born in California and lived in Philadelphia and Atlanta before moving to Mason in 2016. This is the best decision my family has made. I am a student at Mason High School with a great passion for public service. This passion started when I was a fifth grader at Fernbank Elementary School in  Atlanta in 2016 when we produced a video for an International Baccalaureate (IB) project featuring how technology and a specially designed straw called LifeStraw can help eradicate Guinea worm disease. The video was screened at the Carter Center’s 20th annual meeting of Guinea Worm Eradication Program Managers. The video earned high accolades from former President Jimmy Carter and his staff and inspired four ministers of health from each of the remaining endemic countries (Chad, Ethiopia, Mali, and South Sudan) to plan to involve kids of the same age back home in the eradication effort. This valuable experience started my journey to actively participate in public service and to empower young people to care about politics. Since then, I have played a leading role in many youth empowerment activities and film productions and contributed to the Pandemic relief efforts organized by the Asian American community and beyond. I now serve as the communication officer for the Cincinnati youth chapter of the Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs (APAPA) organization.

 I am also a national award-winner of Mason’s Model United Nations club. I have gained a wide range of knowledge about U.S. politics and government not only through course work at school, but also by talking with people of different background and by reading books and biographies of our founding fathers, presidents, and other prominent figures nationally and internationally such as JFK, FDR, Ted Kennedy, and Mahatma Gandhi. My international travels to Europe and Asia have made me aware of the significance of environmental protection and I am now dedicated to the cause of sustainable development. I am running because I strongly believe that the state legislature should represent the voices of the younger generation. I plan to build a platform based on love, compassion, and unity.

I am a proud Mason Comets and a proud Ohioan. I am very excited to have the opportunity to serve the great state of Ohio and its wonderful people by running for the state representative of District 54. Thanks for your confidence and support.