Hi to friends all across. My name is Sam Cao, and I am running as a Democratic candidate for the Ohio State Representative, on the behalf of District 56 (which was District 54 before Ohio’s recent redistricting). I am running to represent your choice and your voice in Columbus. We will be needing all the help that we can get. I ask for your vote and generous donation; everything counts! I strongly believe that the state legislature should represent the voices of the younger generations as we have been alienated for too long. Growing up in a family of two immigrant parents, I share your dislike for unnecessary divisiveness. Hence, I’m a big advocate for commonalities rather than differences; sisterhood and brotherhood rather than animosity. My platform is here to promote love, compassion, and unity. And I know that message will outlive this race.

           I became interested in public service when I was a fifth grader. Together with a few friends, we produced a video featuring how liquid-filtering straws could help eradicate Guinea worm disease in Africa. Screened at the Carter Center’s 20th anniversary for Guinea Worms eradication, our video earned high accolades from former President Jimmy Carter and his staff, and inspired health ministers from all four remaining endemic countries to involve kids in their countries in the eradication effort. Since then, I have played a leading role in many youth empowerment activities and created many meaningful films. I have contributed to the pandemic relief efforts organized by the Asian American community and beyond. I now serve as the Communications Officer for the Cincinnati youth chapter of the Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs (APAPA) organization where I interact with many on a weekly basis. Through this and reading, I have gained a wide range of knowledge about U.S. politics and government. The best part of this campaign is that I have an excuse to talk to people…anyone from all walks of life!

          The final moment when I decided to put my name on the ballot was when school shut down in January due to COVID-19. It was not directly in the way that you would think. It was not out of worry of a virus that had killed a million Americans already, not because of teachers getting sick from the illness, but rather, it was the fact that the school ran out of substitute teachers to fill in for the teachers sick from the virus because those substitutes had also gotten the coronavirus (so school could not continue amidst an ongoing problem). On such a contemporary level, the disregard for health and safety is concerning. We need to be more thoughtful. That’s why I run. Someone has to step in, and I cannot bear to watch on the sidelines anymore. People in my life say that I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. I love our people: the past, present, and new generations. For as long as I can remember, my life has been defined by my relation to helping the people around me and by my bond with our natural environment. My international travels to Europe and Asia have shown how crucial it is to protect the environment and to have a plan for sustainable development. 

        I am a proud Mason Comet (of William Mason High School) and a proud Ohioan. I am extremely excited to conduct my campaign that aims to inspire everyone (men, women, veterans, the youth, seniors all alike). I look forward to having more conversations with you. Please join me in making history as we run a campaign to elect the youngest state legislator ever in the entire nation.